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Ultrasould Gel

Sky Gel has dual viscosity formulation which can be applied as a lubricant and scans as a fluid. Sky Gel unique water based formulation makes it friendly for use on all ultrasound devices. Scanned images are clear and sharp as the unique formulation maximizes the level of conductivity with least interference. Sky Gel promotes accurate diagnostic with sharp and vivid scans. Sky Gel contains Halal compliant ingredients which are safe for use among Muslim and non Muslim users.



·         Manufactured with filtered water

·         Unique water based formula suitable for use across all ultrasound apparatus

·         Bacteriostatic (reduce risk of bacterial contamination)

·         Water soluble

·         Hypoallergenic (non-irritating to skin)

·         Excellent lubrication and glide properties

·         Greaseless, odourless and non-staining

·         Salt and alcohol free

·         Spread evenly without running ir drying up

·         Highly acoustically conductive formulation

·         Scanned images are clear and sharp as the unique formulation maximises conductivity with least interference

·         Accurate diagnoses based on sharp and vivid scans

·         Dual viscosity formulation makes Sky Gel a lubricant as well as a scanning gel

·         Ingredients are Halal certified

·         Convenient and recyclable packaging

·         Dispenser pack comes with handle for easy handling and convenient twist cap


 Packing Unit

·         260G / bottle (9.17 oz.), 24 bottles / carton

·         5KG / kettle (165.5 oz.), 2 kettles / carton



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